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We aspire to create places that ATTRACT people...CHOREOGRAPH enrichment...and CONNECT all to each other and place.



“Our projects are consistently among the highest attractions in their respective cities.”


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Langham Place draws more than *50 million visitors annually.


At over *20 million visitors annually and well outside the city center, Qingdao Rock City ranks as the city’s top destination.

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MegaBox draws *20 million visitors annually despite being 800 meters from the nearest subway station.



“Our projects provide stages choreographed for all to be enriched by the unscripted theater of life.”



“humankind as social animals are attracted to and fueled by life”


“with just a little priming…then trusting life to happen”

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Experiential connectivity enables the seamless flow of life, essential towards optimizing each project’s qi…and success.”

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“we’ve shown how connective movement and immersive experiential strategies can defy gravity and deliver success where going skyward is the only option”


“we see each project and its context as connective organisms symbiotically reliant upon each other from day one and the tomorrows beyond”